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Fashion in Law School

January 7, 2019


Be professional, but be comfortable. 


Everyone knows the stereotypical law student look: a collared shirt under a sweater paired with some nice jeans or pants, maybe even a cute pair of heels or dress shoes. But honestly, what do law students actually wear to class?

Have no fear prospective law students! Here's a quick list of some of my favorite outfits that will boost your confidence and tell everyone you're not here to just talk torts.


1. For the Classic Prep


 A classic button down and blazer with jeans will always be fashionable and functional, while remaining professional. Just remember not to take yourself too seriously. You'll have plenty of time for that, when you're practicing. Be sure to swap out a plain button down shirt or blazer for one with a fun pattern or color!


2. For the Social Activist...Or If You're Feeling Sassy


 Embody the confidence that got you into law school, with an outfit that demands attention, but still keeps you warm. In New England, it goes from 90 degrees to 2 degrees really fast, so it is nice to layer clothes. You never know if the weather will change within the day, or if one of your lecture rooms may have a dysfunctional heater. 


3. Festive and Sweet


 Remember, law school should not change your sense of style (although it may change literally everything else about how you think). Remain who you are and enjoy expressing yourself, especially if it is through your clothes. 


4. Functional Prep


 I can't stress how important it is to dress for the weather. Yes, it is important to look professional in front of your peers and professors, but it is even more important to ensure your fashion is functional. I love this cozy vest from Upstate Honey It has deep pockets so I don't have to worry about where I put my phone or keys. 


Main takeaways? Dress to impress, but be comfortable. Your style won't get you to the top ten percent of your class. However, it certainly can be an outlet from the stress of law school.




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