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Why Law School?

December 27, 2018



Hi everyone! This is my story on why I decided to pursue a legal career. This post is for any undergrad who is still considering signing up for this huge life changing decision or anyone who is just curious about my process in choosing this profession.


My story is actually not especially remarkable. When I first began my undergraduate education, I was convinced I was meant to have a career in journalism, specifically political journalism. However, soon after one Comparative Government class I changed my major in communications and minor in Political Science to being a member of the Honors Program with a double major in Political Science and Communications with minors in Legal Studies, English, and Human Resource Management, on the law school track. (You're probably wondering why I chose to minor in Human Resource Management. It was actually a strategic move, and I have one response: job interviews. Enough said. Everyone should take at least one Human Resource Management class in undergrad.) I digress. 


It wasn't like I chose to go law school, like Elle Woods; it took a few years for me to fully decide to pursue this career. As I completed my undergrad education, I saw the rise of the Trump administration. I saw Mark Zuckerberg testify before Congress. I saw the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. I saw the rise of the prominence of social media influencers. I saw Nike file a $10 million lawsuit against a few of its former senior shoe designers. I saw how quickly society is becoming dependent on social media (part of the reason why I chose to begin this blog). I felt drawn to a profession in which I could advocate for societal change in a genuinely intentional manner. 


Applying to law school just seemed to be the right thing to do. I always loved reading and writing, and I especially loved reading and writing for my  Political Science and Legal Studies classes, in undergrad. I honestly never thought about why I was applying to law school, until I wrote my personal statement. When I first sat down to write my personal statement, Marina and the Diamonds was blaring, and I was suddenly terrified. I was so terrified, but I had already written all of my supplemental essays, received letters of recommendation, taken the LSAT, and submitted all of the necessary paperwork to the LSAC.


However, once I started writing some random topics I asked myself, "What career could I see myself practicing 30 years from now, and feel completely justified in practicing?" Selecting a specialization in law guided my decision to be a lawyer. At this point, I was feeling a bit conflated about the type of law I wanted to practice. I knew I didn't particularly want to be a litigator or a defense attorney. I also knew immigration and reproductive rights law were appealing to me. I then thought of environmental law. It made sense; it encompasses all of the branches of all I found to be interesting, it is a growing industry, and it was suggested to me previously by a few close contacts. It was in that moment that I knew a career as an environmental attorney was the right path for me. 


Fast forward a few months and here I am prepping for my first year. I am in the process of completing my orientation week and getting started in law school. Well, here goes everything. 



Stay tuned for my next post about the ups and downs of orientation week! 









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